12 September 2011


So a few months ago, me and my pal Rickey Ringtone left New York to take a day trip to Pennsylvania to acquire a muscle car for a girl I know that was looking for one to shoot in a film. But once the mucle car was acquired we decided it would be a great idea to just split and drive the car down the I-95 to Florida (eventually blowing up the engine near Bobby Geary's place in South Carolina, woops). I ended up meandering around the South and some other places for a while and doing some jobs and basically just not coming back, having nothing on me besides the swim trunks and t-shirt I left with. I shot a couple things on a nikon dslr bought and then returned to walmart post-shoot- (thank you, no-questions-asked-returns-policies -tents can be swindled this way too btw).  It was a good few months and I had fun and thought about things but yeah it meant fucking up my situation and houdini'ing away from my apartment, and writing classes at NYU, and working at the motorcycle shop, and lots of other things/people and this here web blog...  sorry I'm prone to being capricious I guess. Anyway, now,  I'm back in NYC and really hyped on photography again (I stopped for a while to just work on bikes and go to school and try to be more manly and less illiterate), and today I just picked up some rolls of film that I shot just last week while riding my bike around Quebec and upstate New York with my baby...
I have some older shit to share too, I'll post it up soon, til then, enjoy(?):