23 February 2010

Chaos and crap and sick.

I've started shooting photos for The New York Times T Magazine. Someone thinks I'm a legit photographer I guess. Don't believe the hype. Next stop- war photography in iraq or gorilla photography in the jungle.

Here are some photos from fashion week, taken before I got poisoned at Kettner's (along with 30 other people.. bleugh fuck you kettner's!).

Dame Vivienne Westwood

Homeboy 1

Homeboy 2 and Ruby Aldridge

Marble porno

Lily Parker and Ben Grimes at the screening of my film.


Andreas Kronthaler

Ben Grimes, Pot Cat, and myself.

Ruby Aldridge

Dree Hemingway

Me and that one writer...

Eliza Cummings

Eliza Cummings

Max Alejandro, Isaac Lock and Abby Bennett

Laeticia and Graceland

Clare Read and Ben Grimes

Ben Grimes with a couple of her Dads antique pistols

Paula Goldstein and Ben Grimes

Not reserved

Suicide Bummer

Richard Motimer and Laeticia Crahay

Richard Motimer and Laeticia Crahay

Georgia Frost

Isaac Lock and Emma Elwick

Pixie Geldoff. Nice chompers.