17 December 2009

schmucks at the sin-agogue, drugs in the eggnog

karen now lives in a synagogue.

a double jewish hole in one

robbie spencer and andrew davis

britney schmears

is that a menorah in your pants?

or are you just happy to see me?

P.C.? fuck that.

Gareth Jugh and Carson Mccoll




jube. yep.

freaka kahlo?

I can see your jubes. you need to trim those side-curls darling.

mandi invited me to lunch at the bistrotheque popup patron restaurant.

bistrotheque’s david waddington


Tara, pimping.

nice focusing dorks.

katie shillingford. why is the virgin mary blue?... immaculate blue ball conception.

annabel white as a ghost.

Ben toms.

dazed's naughty nativity party, karen langley's hasidic synagogue warming party, bistrotheques patron popup restaurant, and a dog with sunglasses. no jews were harmed in the making of these photos.