24 September 2009

London Passion Week

In the last week I shot and edited 10 videos, filmed a tv show, partied every night like the world was going to end the next day, got evicted from my place for being late paying rent, and had boy george sing me a song... pretty standard.

Heres one crappy video I made that's already online at http://www.dazeddigital.com/Fashion/article/4842/1/Louise_Goldin_SS_10__...:

And some pics...


I snuck into the model sanctuary and saw Charly and her broken arm. You get rad free food and free massages and free counselling there if you're a model or a scumbag that snuck in pretending to be the worst model at models one.

Erika is the best.

Wanking makes your palms hairy. And if you give a million handjobs this is what happens. A palm ponytail!

This used to be a ringflash. I'm waiting for the patent.