03 February 2009


ox.eagle.selfish.ulterior.squat.cunt.experiment.on.a.bump.death.snow.shit. random shit edited in heinous imovie. there's footage of my new room in the squat. fingers crossed its not owned by the mafia, a baseball bat in the face isn't how I want to be woken up. ever. the bathtub is enormous though. and the waters only slighty dead pigeon colored. I can deal with that. anyway, enjoy:

today I felt like the blizzard has almost made winter worthwhile, but in general I'm over it. the cold has been getting to me recently, so I've been trying to eat myself warmer. I hope ketchup sandwiches count towards my five a day.

I found out just now that someone used a photo of mine to make a 3d model for something. Weeeeeeeird... but cool. I was looking for 3d animators for a project I'm working on. It will be a really interesting! If anybody is interested, please send me an email - cameronrsmith@hotmail.com

Psyched on this..

I found this funny royal trux promo a while back. Fuck they were amazing. And RTX is fucking under-rated.

The kid! This is his best part for sure. So sick.